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Rodrigo Cerqueira - director de arte, desenhador gráfico, web e  industrial e escultor

Rodrigo Cerqueira (atomicdelicia*)


A Friend defined me as "A Philanthropist in search of beauty and nature". I accepted the title! I'm from the missions, the teams, the sharing of knowledge. I like the method and perfection. I'm curious by nature. I like to pave the way...


Sculptor (academic education, Den Haag); Designer: Graphic, Industrial, Web; Art Director; Photographer; Instructor: Photography, Web Design, Hiking Guides; President of the AACF(13 years); Progonus of the "Ando com vontade"; Podcast Producer; Audio and video editor; Drone Pilot and Operator. Participated in the reconstruction of 2 sailing wooden boats 20 and 40 feet. Countries where I resided: Portugal (currently), Spain, Holland.


Long distance hicker (Autonomy); Hiking and Pilgrimage Guide; Kayak, Sailing, Rowing and Bicycle Practitioner; Land Navigation (analog and digital). Real experience in basic life support and victim rescue. Spoken and written languages: Portuguese (native), English, Spanish. Comprehension of Catalan and French.


Adobe Ilustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Dreamweaver, Wappler, Macromedia Flash, 3D Modo, Intergraphe, 3D Max, Google Earth Pro, GPS Trackmaker, Filmora, WIX,  Universo Google (Earth Pro, Earth Studio, Sheets, Docs, Forms, ); Carpintaria e Serralharia.



"atomicdelicia" was my nickname (nickname), in 1999, in the webdesign forum "", source of inspiration and knowledge, created perJoshua Davis. The nickname became the name of my website. "atomdel" is short for "atomicdelicia".




Tel: +351 916839391

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